Praying Through the Church Directory

I came across an article recently reminding us to use the church directory to remember and pray for one another. Since it has been a few weeks since we addressed this in our Sunday morning service, this serves as a timely reminder to pray for one another.

The article is by Garrett Kell. He argues that the church directory is the second most important book you own (second only to the Bible). He gives five important reasons to regularly use your church directory:

  1. It gives every member a practical tool to aid in prayer and encouragement.
  2. This helps pastors better shepherd the flock Jesus entrusts to them.
  3. It keeps homebound members on your mind, though they may be out of sight.
  4. It helps homebound members continue to invest in the spiritual health of the church.
  5. It helps alert church members to people who may be in danger.

Read the whole thing here.

ht: Tim Challies

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